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Chris Vaughn started writing poetry in high school (Littary) which became lyrics and melody lines for his first band (Grain/Grayn). He believed that he found his calling and began “playing out” which quickly gained the attention of the local papers for his “teenage angst” and “strong vocals.” Headlining clubs like the Stone Pony or the Brighton Bar didn’t bring him to the level of success that some of his peers were receiving from touring nationally, however, Vaughn has always found an alternative route.

Vaughn has shared the stage with such acts like: Incubus, Dave Marks (Beach Boys), Princess and multi-platinum recording artist PM Dawn, but didn’t feel like life on the road was for him.

“I wanted to stay in Jersey, at least until I honed my skills as a songwriter and performer… then once I became a father I knew that the road was no place for children.”     

Chris struggled for years, playing in clubs and working at various jobs and wasn’t satisfied with the local scene, so he decided to put his creativity to the test and make a mark in the industry his own way.

He teamed up with Multi-platinum producer, Kennan Keating (NIN, Jane’s Addiction), and went back into the studio to record a solo album that would best demonstrate what he wanted to express as a seasoned, yet unknown artist. Meanwhile, he was writing, producing and directing his documentary (Jerseyboy Hero) about his journey to reach his two biggest hometown heroes, Bruce Springsteen or Jon Bon Jovi, to see which one “would give him an ear.”

Jerseyboy Hero’s 55 plus hours of footage was featured in many newspapers and online outlets all over the world, and the finished film  is available for rent and download on any device or platform in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany & Japan.

Vaughn’s Music has been heard in well over 28 Countries and counting, but Vaughn chuckles at the benefits of his success that far outway the financial dividends, “I am only just realizing my potential. In the earlier years, I used to think I needed to reach everyone fast, before I got too old. Now, I see clear the vanity of such thought and take things much, much slower.”

Jerseyboy Hero is great visual evidence of a young man who follows his dreams all the way to reality.  When asked what has been the best part of his music/film career so far, his reply was thought provoking:

 “After hearing Bruce Springsteen gleefully exclaim on set that he needed my autograph, I truly realized…it was only the beginning.”

Vaughn is currently developing Jerseyboy Hero Too (working title) a faith-based film focused on his Christian Heritage and the last six years of his biblical and law studies.

You can learn more about how to support his new project by clicking the “discover” tab.

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