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Jersey Boy Hero (Jerseyboy Hero) is the official brand and of all things related to Chris Vaughn & company: CHRIS VAUGHN, L.L.C., Vaughn Studios, New Toy Music, BMI PUBLISHING, and his affiliates, and assigns; which are all held in a trust.



Chris Vaughn & c. desire to make exciting music and film projects which not only entertain, but educate humanity on a spiritual, as well as physical, plaine.


Envision a world where every color of the rainbow has it’s perfect place within universal melodic harmony of the all. No one person or thing is jealous of the other and only seeks to build the other up as one people, while fully respecting the boundaries of each other and the beauty of that diversity in each other and the world around them.

Our Approach

We aim to develop and produce creative original and exciting content in every area of influential media available to us with one goal… “To enlighten the world with the true Christian Faith.”

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